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Kathy Upper

Chief Visionary and Owner of Spiritual Niagara, Master Connector, Former Career Development Facilitator and Employment Consultant, Founding Member of the Niagara Falls/Fort Erie Interagency Group, Social Service Worker, Former Crisis Counsellor.

Kathy Upper is the Chief Visionary and Owner of Spiritual Niagara; a directory website listing and advertising the spiritual and holistic services located within the Niagara region. Spiritual Niagara includes a large host of marketing and networking services: an online calendar that lists member events, a weekly email of events, a monthly eMagazine, a thriving Facebook community where members can post about their services, networking events as well as business workshops hosted by Spiritual Niagara and even more! Spiritual Niagara was started by Kathy in 2009 to help others find the services that they’re looking for after she found herself inspired to do so by a powerful message in a dream.

Prior to Spiritual Niagara Kathy worked as an Employment Consultant with Niagara College for 27 years.

She is trained in career assessment and has facilitated and written various workshops to assist others in their job search, education options and certifications. She was instrumental in the development and creation of the Niagara Falls/Fort Erie Interagency group, which brought together all the career training agencies in the region. She uses what she learned in this career (and her passion for developing connections) every day in her work with Spiritual Niagara. On top of this Kathy has her Usui Reiki level 2 certification and completed the Willpower Institute Meditation Instructor program, she’s a passionate learner for all things spiritual and holistic, and is always looking for more information and ways to develop her skills.

Spiritual Niagara received the Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Award in 2019. In its 10 years of serving the community Spiritual Niagara has held fundraisers for: The Soup Kitchen, Project Share, The Out of the Cold Program and The Breakfast Outreach program. Kathy and Spiritual Niagara are always looking for new opportunities to give back to the community and help Niagara’s non-profit organizations. 

Kathy Upper

Kathy Upper Sapphire Association Member

Find out what Inspires, Motivates and Elevates Kathy

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or business owner?

I was inspired to create Spiritual Niagara through a dream. At the time I was having some difficulty finding the spiritual services that I was seeking out, and this dream told me that I wasn’t the only one seeking, and that I needed help others who like me, were having trouble finding what they were looking for. In 2009 when the idea first came to me, I knew nothing about web development, but I was determined to reach my goal. I took some courses and in June of 2009 I created the first version of the Spiritual Niagara website. Since then we’ve grown substantially, taken on a team of amazing people with a wide variety of talents, and things are looking brighter for the future of Spiritual Niagara with every passing day!

What motivates you to provide your services?

What motivates me above all else is helping the spiritual community of Niagara grow. To help business owners and their customers feel that they have opportunities for developing and realizing their dreams, and limiting their fears of insecurity and instability from both a business and spiritual perspective.

Our Mission

Spiritual Niagara's mission is to raise the vibration in Niagara by developing, connecting and supporting the spiritual and holistic community.

Our Vision

Spiritual Niagara supports the creation of opportunities for higher consciousness through wisdom, healing, self-knowledge and tools of empowerment, so that we, as a community can connect and collectively reach our highest, divine potential.

Our Values

We value the raising of consciousness with integrity, love and patience. We value helping people connect with their inner wisdom. We value spiritual growth by supporting those who bring their services to the Niagara region and beyond.

What ways will you elevate your business in the future?

As both a business and a community, Spiritual Niagara has a wide variety of goals for the future. Our most significant and never-ending goal is to seek new ways to promote the businesses of our members and to develop a greater sense of community and cooperation amongst them, as well as their customers.

Spiritual Niagara thrives on the idea of “cooperation over competition”, so on top of bringing together the businesses of our members, we also want to reduce any of the barriers that they find in their day to day operations. With this in mind we’ve begun to create and facilitate business development workshops that will teach business owners both introductory and advanced classes on various aspects of marketing and business management.

We’re so thankful that our membership is continuing to grow steadily and healthily, and as we do so we’re going to incorporate more team members, more resources and more opportunities. Spiritual Niagara has a lot in store for the future, so be sure to come join us on this wonderful journey.

Favourite quote?

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

- Nelson Mandela