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Lori Brant

Lori Brant, also known as The Happiness Coach," has been coaching one on one and groups for 10 years and provides Life Coach Certification with an ICF approved coaching program. Her new projects include a 3 day conference called, "Unleash Your Greatness," in May each year and her "Happiness Coach Podcast" on Podbean. She has her Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, is an ACC Certified Life Coach, Author, Master Spirit Life Coach, Speaker, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Master of Metaphysics, Life Coach Trainer and Mentor. Lori is also the author of “The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances.

Learn what inspires, motivates, and elevates Lori

 I became a business owner because I love creating, evolving and expanding. Nothing excites me more than bringing a new idea to fruition and breaking perceived limits.

I am  passionate about empowering people and supporting them as they challenge their way of thinking and how they move through the world. I teach from experience, know what works and continually searches for new, easier ways to break down mental and emotional barriers that limit an individual's ability to feel happy.

I was diagnosed with a progressive muscle disorder at age 20, providing me with an incredible opportunity to isolate, examine and develop strategies to help people with challenges, live their best life. Every limitation directed me inward where I discovered my freedom and fueled my passion to help others to do the same.

 I will elevate my business by focusing in on any perceived limiting beliefs that are keeping me from growing and earning. I have developed a mastermind group, to maintain my focus and efforts toward a specific outcome this year. It is my goal to extend my reach internationally through one on one coaching, coach training, speaking, writing and my podcast.

Favourite Quote:

A thought is powerless until we give it our attention. 

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