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Marybeth Haines Sapphire Spiritual Member

Marybeth Haines

Marybeth Haines - The GAL Who Speaks With Animals

Marybeth Haines’ passion lies in making a difference for animals and their gifts to humanity. She advocates on behalf of the “language” they speak.

Since 2012, Marybeth been working professionally with animals and the humans who love them and has been recognized as a highly regarded animal communicator, pet bereavement grief specialist, ordained minister, international author and speaker.

Being an author of 3 published books, Marybeth was inspired to write her first book; The Power of Pets after the loss of her beloved cat Kitty. Our beloved pets communicate with us in many ways, and always with love and it has been Marybeth’s intention to help others in the healing that is needed after a loved one has passed away.

Marybeth doesn’t just communicate with animals, she also helps YOU learn how to communicate with the animals in your life and understand each other better through her workshops and private sessions. She also teaches a healing modality called Aqualead that is a wonderful companion for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with these beautiful sentient beings we call family, friends and so much more!

Marybeth is very excited to connect with you and looks forward to sharing the many gifts animals have to share as our teachers, guides and confidants.

"Animals have brought us together and I’m truly grateful for that!” ~ Marybeth Haines

Find out what inspires, motivates and elevates Marybeth

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or business owner?

Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to make a difference somehow but was unsure

what that looked like. I never truly felt like I fit in, I always felt different and couldn’t quite put the words as to “why”. As a young adult, I moved around my career from working in social services, crisis prevention intervention, industries such as travel and accounting and even spent several years in the corporate executive world. BUT….there was always something missing! I knew there was more that I was meant to do, and so I kept searching.

On December 25, 2011, I had a life experience in which opened the door to begin my discovery of working with animals and the humans who love them. Three months later, I made the decision to become a published author and help others (I also found that I was helping myself too!) and soon found that when honouring animals and sharing their many gifts to humanity, my heart began to sing, my soul lit up and therefore, I catapulted forward into the world of communicating with animals and other sentient beings. I chose to embrace the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and for my career to be the “voice” for our animal companions, an advocate for their messages and a gatekeeper for the space in which they share their love with humanity.

What motivates you to provide your services?

Animals share wisdom and deep knowledge and it is through their messages that they can

become even closer with their human family by strengthening their bond and connection

together. As an Animal Communicator, Intuitive and Empath, I have become a seeker of their messages with the intention to inspire others in growth, healing and raising the vibration and awareness of our collective consciousness and resonance towards animals.

Since discovering the ability of communication with these beautiful and sentient beings, I finally found what it feels like to be "home" and realized my true, divine purpose in this world. Each time an animal shares communication with me, I feel inspired and motivated and I thank them for helping me find my "home" here on earth. Connecting with the humans who love their animals dearly, seeing their facial expressions,

hearing their voices and witnessing the transformations in their relationship together brings me great joy. I am truly grateful to provide this service as a conduit for an animal’s voice and am humbled by the lessons our animal teachers provide. This truly motivates me every day!

What ways will you elevate your business in the future?

I believe that during our lifetimes, we are here to experience, grow and learn. I intend to elevate my business by working with the vibration of animals and their frequency of love. Through this, I will continue to ask for their guidance and embrace the learning in sharing and growing with others who also want the same. Animals teach me every day and so do the humans who love them. We are continually evolving…together. Through this, I plan on offering an extension of my current services that meet the needs of each from a space of loving intention. Through communication and energy healing services, teaching, channeling and support modalities, I feel the direction and the pull towards this elevated expansion and honour the journey for providing this so that we can all unite in community together.

Favourite quote?

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must

be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller