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Vanessa Hurst

Vanessa Hurst

Vanessa Hurst is a 7 time award winning, 6th Generation International Clairvoyant Medium from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada with 30+ years experience in Psychic/ Mediumship guidance, Instructor in metaphysical/ paranormal arts, Artist, Author, and radio/podcast/T.V personality.

Vanessa finds working with spirit a fun and rewarding path whether it is connecting a loved one or clearing a home for an owner. She is considered one of Southern Ontario’s best home rescuers for clearing negativities from homes or stubborn spirits. Vanessa looks forward to continuing to learn on her path to help clients worldwide on every level of their worlds and bring them no-nonsense spirit messages, future predictions, teachings, and advice.

Vanessa's Favourite Qoute

I will achieve all my goals ten-fold

I will achieve your goals too, casually - Scroobious Pip